Aleksandar Djordjevic

MSc, Architecture
Assoc. AIA
Principal In charge of Belgrade Office

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Communication and cooperation yield superior design and
greater client satisfaction.

This statement characterizes the working dynamic of our studio. You, as our client and strategic partner, hold the highest authority in approving every stage of the design process. While it is you that envision the end result, it is our mission to realize it.

We are dedicated to the foundation of multi-disciplinary teamwork and the achievement of added value for our clients.

AMB strives to add this value by aligning ourselves with our clients’ goals and objectives and enhancing their productivity, process, and product quality in ensuring our clients’ success.

You will find that working with us is an entirely satisfying experience, one that upholds our reputation as a reliable customer-conscious firm. Our ultimate goal is to be proud of every project that we work on; our satisfaction stems not just from our technical abilities, but from surpassing our clients’ expectations in every step until project completion.



since 1992...

AMB Architectural Design Studio LLC was established in 1992 as an Architectural, Engineering design firm. Today we have studios in Rockville, Maryland and Belgrade, Serbia. We worked with developers, and contractors on a variety of high-quality projects, some of which are in the former Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union. These projects range from single and multi-family residential projects to hotels, retail spaces, and industrial projects.

In 2003, we began forming strategic partnerships with other design firms, providing a wide variety of different services, including CAD drafting and Revit® Modeling. Since then, we worked with several Architectural and MEP design firms on Assisted Living facilities, office buildings with parking garages, warehouses, and interior projects.

AMB continues to complete projects in timely matter with thorough understanding of our client’s needs and highest regard to quality of work. All projects are in compliance with applicable building codes and other regulations, including accessibility requirements and the latest sustainable design requirements of LEED®.


Our proven record of successful, strategic partnerships with developers, designers and contractors in different areas reflects our capacity to achieve the common goal of raising the quality of projects, as measured by client satisfaction.

Developers find that our award wining design talent and technical expertise affords them greater financial flexibility and the power to make critical development decisions at the right time.

Because of our dual-office and ownership structure, AMB offers its services in working seamlessly with other design firms to expedite the design process by providing the extra manpower when they need it most.

Our Belgrade studio has the design capacity to take on the extra load that many U.S. design firms might be burdened with. In 2003 it did just that: AMB was asked to help one such design firm with its CAD production needs. Today we are an essential part of the design teams of many U.S. firms fully engaged in the variety of projects.

Our communicative design team forges a strong relationship with contractors in the design-build concept, yielding high-quality projects.
All of our strategic partnerships achieve success through knowledgeable use of state-of-the-art design tools and our competitively-priced design process.

Let us help you be successful as you deserve to be!

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At AMB, we understand that our most important asset is our team. We are in constant pursuit of the best talent with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. In order to maintain the highest level of innovation, our designers are committed to continual education in creative development. This, in combination with a positive work environment, motivates our team to bring together cutting-edge ideas with realistic, affordable costs.

We strive to provide the highest quality service to our clients and partners, a goal achievable through use of the most up-to-date technologies. Revit® and BIM (Building Information Modeling) concept are now readily used parts of our technology portfolio. These methods give you the opportunity to observe the most detailed preview of the project which saves you time and money.

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